Sophos Solutions is comprised of technically-oriented business consultants who focus on the utility industry. We are committed to understanding our client’s technical, organizational, and business challenges and developing practical, proven solutions to meet their business objectives. We strive to exceed expectations and foster lasting relationships through excellence, integrity, and innovation.

Sophos Solutions is dedicated to helping our clients better leverage their technology investments. Our principle consultants have over 28 years combined experience in the utility and municipal market. We strive to bring sophisticated and practical technical solutions to our clients. We focus on system selection and implementation, systems integration, and mobile computing.

We have helped numerous municipals and utilities with selection and implementation of systems, redesign of business process, integration of processes with new (and old) technology tools, application integration and mobile solutions. We focus on the small and medium sized agency and implement unique and customized solutions.

We at Sophos Solutions are eager to discuss your technology challenges and find the optimum solution for your business.

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