Atascadero Mutual Water Co

Atascadero Mutual Water Company


In 2009, Atascadero Mutual Water Company began a District-wide technology upgrade of all their primary business systems: CIS, FIS, GIS and CMMS, including mobile deployment of CMMS and GIS to field staff via portable computers in District vehicles. Sophos Solutions is currently providing the services to implement the FIS and CIS portions of this solution.

Project Description

Sophos staff performed an analysis of AMWC’s existing business systems to ascertain if a suite of products from Microsoft, Azteca and ESRI would fit the business process environment at AMWC. The result of this analysis was a plan that outlined the specific business process improvements that the suite of products would address and the process for implementing the solutions.

Sophos is now responsible for the design and implementation of the new Financial and Customer Billing applications for the company.  Working with AMWC’s and the vendor’s staff, Sophos has completed the implementation of the new financial system and is currently implementing the Customer Billing solution. Along with the implementation, Sophos is assisting the company in redesiging their business processes to better fit the new application environment.


While the implementation is still underway, the company has begun to benefit from the new financial system through improved cost tracking for projects and assets and by better and timelier reporting. As the company continues to gain greater insight into the applications functionality, it is anticipated that additional benefits will arise. As additional applications come on-line other benefits will emerge as well.

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