Citrus Heights Water District

Citrus Heights Water District

In 2004, Citrus Heights Water District (CHWD) completed a District-wide technology upgrade of all their primary business systems: CIS, FIS, GIS and CMMS, including mobile deployment of CMMS and GIS to field staff via laptops in District vehicles. Sophos staff was instrumental in the design and implementation of these systems. Since 2004, Sophos staff has support these systems for CHWD as well as providing support services for other District functions.

Project Description

Sophos staff were responsbile for the design and implementation of a fully integrated, utility-wide information system consisting of new Financial, Customer Billing, Maintenance Management and GIS applications.  Working with CHWD’s and the vendor’s staff, Sophos staff completed the implementatation of the 4 core applications in 20 months. Specific services included conversion of mylar maps to fully computerized, SDE based GIS, redesign of business processes in CIS for bill printing and cash receipts, redesign of the manual, paper based work order system will the fully integrated and computerized CMMS. Upon completion of the implementation of the 4 core applications ,Sophos staff were responsible for the design of the integration components between the core applications. This integration allows critical data elements to traverse form one system to another in specific business processes. These integrations allow data to be entered into only one application yet be available to the other applications as needed in an automated manner reducing duplicate data entry.  Field staff have real-time access to the applications via laptops in their vehicles.

Since 2004, Sophos staff have assisted the district with technology support and mangement services, upgrade services and IT planning services.

As of 2010, Sophos is now directly providing support services to CHWD. Sophos has also retained  a position on the District’s Technology Improvements Committee providing IT mangement and strategy services to the District.


The District has a technology platform that it can leverage to continue to increase the efficiency of its operations. It has a sustainable, affordable solution that provides all the functionality of larger systems for a fraction of the cost. The solution can be supported through readily available Microsoft and ESRI resources.

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