Elk Grove Water Service

Elk Grove Water Service

In 2010, Elk Grove Water Service (EGWS) desired to update their current CIS based work order system with a GIS/Asset centric CMMS. EGWS chose to implement Cityworks, by Azteca Systems. Having visited local water district Sacramento Suburban, EGWS management decided to implement a solution similar to the one at Sacramento Suburban.  In 4 months, EGWS went from a CIS, paper based work order system to an integrated, GIS enabled, field accessible CMMS.

Project Description

In March of 2010, EGWS retained the services of Sophos Solutions to assist them in the design and implementation of their new CMMS. Utilizing the experience Sophos had gained from their work at Sacramento Suburban, EGWS desired to replicate that solution. The solution called for a GIS centric, fully mobile solution that could be used by all District staff both in the office and out in the field.

In 4 months Sophos and District staffs converted the shape file based ArcGIS environment into a SDE geodatabase environment, designed, configured and rolled-out the Azteca Systems Cityworks application and designed and rolled-out the mobile environment to the field staff.  EGWS administrative staffare now using Cityworks to record and dispatch customer service requests to field staff via laptops in field vehicles. Operations and Maintenance staff are now creating, managing and performing maintenance activities using on-line GIS maps and the Cityworks work order functionality. O&M staff are now able to create  and schedule work orders directly in the field. Preventive work orders are able to be created and tracked for all production facilities allowing current, up-to-date reporting of maintenance activities performed on production facilities.


The District has realized immediate benefits from being able to create and dispatch work orders and service requests real-time. By being able to track all work activities, no work is being missed or delayed due to lost or misplaced paper work orders. All District staff has access to current status of all service requests and work order activities. Field staff has access to work orders and service requests while out in the field in their vehicles. The District how has a platform to enable them to improve the efficiency of operations and maintenance activities.

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