Sacramento Suburban Water District

Sacramento Suburban Water District

In 2006, Sacramento Suburban Water District (SSWD) completed a District-wide technology upgrade of all their primary business systems: CIS, FIS, GIS and CMMS, including mobile deployment of CMMS and GIS to field staff via laptops in District vehicles. Sophos staff was instrumental in the design and implementation of these systems. In 2009, Sophos began to support these systems directly for SSWD and continues to provide application development services for other District functions and strategic IT planning services.

Project Description

Sophos staff performed an analysis of SSWD’s existing business systems to ascertain if a suite of products from Microsoft, Azteca and ESRI would fit the business process environment at SSWD. The result of this analysis was a plan that outlined the specific business process improvements that the suite of products would address.

Sophos staff were then responsbile for the design and implementation of the new Financial, Customer Billing, Maintenance Management and GIS applications for the District.  Working with SSWD’s and the vendors’ staff, Sophos staff completed the implementatation of the 4 core applications in 16 months. Upon completion of the implementation of the 4 core applications ,Sophos staff were responsible for the design of the integration components between the core applications and the design and implementation of the mobile computing environment that the field staff would use.

As of 2009, Sophos is also on the District’s Information Technology Committee providing strategic IT planning services to the District for on-going technology initiatives.

In 2009, Sophos assisted the District in developing a web-based production data logging application used by Prodution staff to capture data from their weekly production facility inspections. The web application allows production staff to record observations and notes and allows management the ability to report on the condition and status of each facility in an easy, user friendly manner. The District  no longer needs to compile hundreds of spreadsheets to report on monthly facility condition and status.


The District continues to increase its return on investment in technology as more and more business processes are updated and redesigned. Sophos is an integral component of the District’s overall IT strategy and support structure. The partnership between Sophos and SSWD has allowed the District to improve the efficiency of its operations and effectiveness of its technology investments.

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