System Assessment

System Assessment
The bills go out. You collect the cash. Delinquent accounts get shut-off. But how do you know if you are performing these tasks as efficiently as possible? If you’ve always done it this way how do you know if there is a better way?

Are you faced with a new regulation or business requirement? Are your customers asking more from your current services offerings? Is your staff starting to mention, “Look at what they are doing”?

Maybe you need to determine if the time is right to replace that legacy system or add new functionality to your existing system.

If you find yourself faced with these questions, let the experts at Sophos Solutions help you determine how you “stack up” to your peers.  We can help you assess your current customer service, billing, receipting, collections, field service, maintenance, job costing and asset valuation processes.  An objective analysis with reference to other agencies may be just the information you need to get management to “Buy-off” on your new project or vision. Let us help you put the winning touch on your idea and sell it to management.

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